John Schroeder

Artists' Statement:

For the most part my art consists of two themes. The life-death cycle, and works about the earth.

I use things and colors, I use the color of the Sioux. I use objects for their symbolic properties.

I like to use either "life size" or a size like a book. The lattcr are usually framed. The former usually open.

The creative process is usually intuitive, one part or color dictating the next. Sometimes my pieces are like dreams when completed.

Although there are formal qualities in my work, I care very little about the bullshit and politics of the art world and that's probably one reason my work isn't better known.

I created and participated in the art scene for twelve years and then dropped out for about ten years. Being with people who were dying of AIDS caused my creative spirit to be reborn.

My work is more shamanic than western Eurocentric traditions. I don't create for money, but for beauty.

Pretty much since I announced my retirement, I've been treated as if dead and forgotten. I'm alive. I'd like to have what I do shown.

I'd like to thank the Creator for my gift of life. My wife and other friends for remembering me and Jon Peterson for making this opportunity available to me.

Let's do something together. - John Schroeder, 1996

Curriculim Vitae

Assemblages / Collages

If you kill me someday there will be no birds,1990

Passport, 1990

Shooting up with Jesus,1990
Star Flower,1992

Star Tipi, 1992

Last Meal Man, 1993

Night Nurse, 1990

Untitled, 1990

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